ronald poole
a bronze of the artist's father
bronze crucible
This is a happy accident - a bronze created during a large pour, when a crucible of molten bronze went cold too soon.
Sanded & polished, patina added, and presented on a custom veneered stand.
a bronze of the artist's son
shadow bunny
bronze, granite plinth, canvas, easel, spotlight
la petite mort
a study of the orgasm, bronze, slate plinth
wax bust - client project
bust in wax prepped for investment in refractory
client bronze bust
Laurence created a master mould, a wax for investment and then this bronze, for a client from their clay original.
hastings man
cast iron bust (sculpted in polystyrene), experimentation at the California Sculpture Academy
small bronze-fist
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ronald poole

a bronze of the artist's father